About Ibad Ar Rahman

Helping those in desperate need.

Ibad Ar-Rahman aims to help the people of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir, by providing them with financial support, education, food and subsistence. We are trying to provide vital and much needed support & services to these area.

These areas have thousands amongst them who are desperately poor, orphaned, widowed or disabled. Our objective is to collect funds in an effective, efficient and wholly accountable manner, and ensure that these funds are distributed throughout the region, to the needy.

Meet the Founder

Ibad Ar Rahman Fouder Mumtaz Ahmed founded Ibad Ar Rahman in response to the growing pain and suffering in his native country of Azad Kashmir. His network now reaches beyond Azad Kashmir to Pakistan, Yemen and a number of other countries. A strict policy of directly giving to those in need without sub-contracting has been maintained ever since its founding. Mumtaz Ahmed resides in Luton, where he is an active and recognised member of the community.

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